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At Mister Transmission Brampton, our state of the art Multi-Check Procedure will pinpoint the cause of whatever transmission problem you’re experiencing. We will check your transmission to see if your problem can be solved with an external repair or adjustment. The problem may be a bad sensor or shift solenoid. Over half the vehicles we check do not need a major repair. The most important step you can take is to get your vehicle looked at as soon as possible. Identifying problems early is the easiest way to save yourself money, time, and aggravation.

*FREE Diagnosis & *FREE Towing

Transmission Slipping?

Winter has arrived in Canada! While, the winter season brings us many wonderful experiences, the cold weather and slippery roads can also be especially challenging on your transmission and can lead to transmission problems. Have you ever wondered if your transmission is slipping? You’ll notice your transmission slipping when you step on the gas and the engine rev’s up, but your vehicle just doesn’t move like it should. At Mister Transmission, we are the experts specializing in diagnosing and fixing transmissions of all makes and models.

If you suspect you have a transmission problem, visit your local Mister Transmission for our FREE Road Test & Multi-Check inspection. We’ll help you understand if and why you’re transmission is slipping, and get you back on the road as safely and quickly as possible.

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What Our Customers Say

Upon discovering that my van’s transmission was in need of repair, my mechanic immediately referred me to Mister Transmission Kennedy Road, Brampton location. From the first moment we arrived we were met with exceptional customer service. I was advised of all work required and updated on the progress. Paul made sure my experience was a positive one. I would recommend this Mister Transmission for your transmission needs!

– Christine White

What Our Customers Say

To be honest, what attracted me most about this location was towing my truck for free instead of waiting all day long for insurance company, the politeness and 2days max to finished blown Tranny!!! Amazing…..I don’t know how other locations works but I will surely recommend this very location on 28-Kennedy Rd Brampton.

– Dave Aggray

What Our Customers Say

Mister Transmission’s Stafford Wong and his expert technicians provided me excellent service for my 2005 Minivan. The Van was even ready earlier than I was quoted. The work was clearly explained and I had not surprises with their quality of great workmanship. I will be coming back as they recommend, for the free 10 days later transmission check-up. Thanks to Stafford Wong and his guys for great Service. I will recommend their work to friends and co-workers. I would gladly drive here from Georgetown If I ever need work again.

– John Seabourne

What Our Customers Say

Mister Transmission is a wonderful, friendly and dedicated repair facility to work with! They have been providing excellent service for our warranty customers for years! We are very happy to have them as one of our authorized repair facilities!

– Lubrico Claims












At Mister Transmission in Brampton, We have been repairing transmissions in the Brampton community for over 50 years, opening our facility in 1967. Our skilled technicians have over 80 years of combined transmission diagnosis, repair and rebuilding experience. Our licensed automotive repair technicians are transmission experts with the latest state of the art diagnostic and repair equipment. Regardless if your vehicle is a Chrysler, Honda, Ford, Mercedes, GM, BMW, Mazda, Nissan or any other manufacturer, we have the technical expertise and experience to provide our customers with top notch service and repairs. We are specialists in all transmissions. Import or domestic, automatic or standard, CVT, allison, 4×4 systems and transfer cases as well as differentials. By providing quality service and repairs while saving our customers time and money, Mister Transmission of Brampton has grown to become a Canadian icon in the automotive industry. Brampton’s Leading Transmission Specialists Since 1967.